I love to paint as much on very big as on very small sizes.

The painting format changes totally the creation process.

We can't manage in the same way space occupancy, the type of signs, their relationship inside of the frame, if we work with big or small sizes.
So, each time, it's a challenge for the artist.

But, don't misunderstand !
“Small spaces” -- as I've called them, need as much as work, attention and technique than the biggest.

Anyway, it's exactly the same work (materials, time of realisation) for both.

Besides I wanted to call this serie “the small spaces” because, in spite of their small size they contain a huge space of possible, a wide way toward dream or thought. Their size doesn't change anything.

At the MoMa in New York (the Museum of Modern Art ) a whole room is dedicated to very small paintings (10 cm by side sometimes), painted by famous painters. Picasso, Klee and lots of others have painted tiny pictures to express their creativity and their world.

Pictures gallery : the "small spaces serie"

To know the paintings size, please go to the french page 
(for the moment...).

All my small paintings can be put on an easel (they are delivered with). So they can be either pictures, or objects to be put on a shelf or according to the desires for each. You can see the effect on the video of my last exhibition.


The small spaces serie