Tree takes away spectator very farer than a simple illustration or figurative representation.

Tree is a vector.

Loneliness, fear, nostalgia, childhood... All these deaf and universal feelings hidden in each of us seem to be crystallized in the Tree.

Shellac N°74 - DiptychShellac N°74 - Diptych

To paint abstract or not : have we finally to choose ?


Some elements, taken in the reality, have a such power of symbol, of evocation, of emotion, that it seems to me that it would be a pity to deprive ourself of their capacity to take us so far inside us.

My Patagonia trees

Shellac N°56Shellac N°56

I went to Chilean Patagonia in the autumn of 2013 and I was impressed by these trees, suffering, struggling, but standing up.

Shellac N°41Shellac N°41

The Trees serie

Shellac N°33Shellac N°33

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