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My path...

... Where I come from...

I « come » from figurative painting. Watercolor, oil, charcoal, pen-and-ink drawing,...

And many people in my circle wonder how I could pass from the very representational to the very abstract. 
How I could « betray »...

It seems to me that at some point, figurative painting is no more suffisant. At some point we can't express anymore all we would like to say with figurative painting.

We feel as limited inside it.

Some feelings can't be translated in nothing concrete, in any object.

Emotion, need of expression, go further and so we feel an irrestistible need to get rid of lines.

Anyway, it was what I've felt.

How to express totaly, really, the deep blue and the hugeness of the see in Shetland Islands or in Scotland, without keeping only this blue ?

And so...

... so abstraction opens an unlimited world of possibilities. A world all in sensations. Only sensations, perceptions, emotion.

Painting interests me as long as my memories carry me.

When I was young, as soon as I could keep a pencil in my hand, I've spent all my time drawing all I saw, but especially all that made me dream.

With time, I've tried all techniques : Chinese ink, pen and ink drawing, charcoal and chalk drawing, gouache, oil, acrylic, and during a very long time watercolour. I used all these techniques in the same time, according to the subject to paint.

Then I've discovered the shellac, that I've adapted for my own searches and works.
And then I've turned to abstraction.



I don't know if I've something to tell in my painting.

And, in fact, it doesn't matter because, as a lot of contemporary painters explain it (american Abstract Expressionists, Soulages,...) -- and I agree with them -- the picture escapes his creator as soon as he shows it. Spectator makes then the painting his own and « sticks » on it all his personal story. So, the spectator's feeling is necessarily different from painter's.

Then, no, I don't know if I have something to tell through my paintings.

Or rather, sometimes yes and sometimes no.
Sometimes I was just inspired by an aesthetic or a poetic way : for The Blue Ones for example.

But sometimes also I'd want to call attention to facts.
Facts that have touched me. As with my painting called Hiroshima for example.

So, no message. But sometimes an awareness, yes.