Shellac N°2272 X 72 cm - Work on paper.72 X 72 cm - Work on paper.

For me, monochrome becomes now a full way of expression.

I use it to express some different feelings : the silent of an asleep countryside with my painting called “N° 66 below, wishes to stop the tumult of the town (see my page “the town”),...


Click on the painting below to see it in close-up.Shellac N°66Shellac N°66

Shellac N°7

30X30 cm - Work on paper.30X30 cm - Work on paper.

Monochrome fascinates me.


As a lot of people, I had absolutely no feeling for this type of art during a long time. The only sentence that comes in my mind was always “what's used for ?”. 

But the idea that somebody could paint an artistic surface entirely with only one colour intrigued me highly.

How could we come to that as a painter ?

For me, it was as the negation of painting because there was apparently no search about shapes, dialogue between colours inside of the frame, ...


And curiously, that's a novel that makes me change : “l'homme de la passerelle” d'Isabelle JARRY.


A lot of famous painters have painted monochromes, and even long before Klein or Soulages. I don't know their deep motivations. Besides, each painter of monochromes has his own inner way to do that.

But what really touch me in this novel which speaks about monochromes is “to find the exact colour”, and the idea that each shade of colour -- even if the difference with the others is really tiny -- each shade is a new proper colour that we have to find exactly (sometimes by working hard...).

We are so coming up to the pure colour. The colour for itself.

And this idea, for me painter of colour, has suddenly captivated me, enthusiasmed.

So, far from the negation of painting, monochrome becomes for me the essence of painting itself.

I think we are never locked into our inner world as much as when we are painting a monochrome and when we are looking for this exact colour.

And to reveal at the outside our deep Being is, I think, the essence of art.


With monochrome I also joint a fundamental element of my painter approach which is that usually in all thing a single colour attracts me. So monochrome allows me to paint only this colour, as right as possible, to keep only the emotion that this single colour gives to me.