I explain the concept of my painting N°44, named “modular polyptych”, in a whole page which I've devoted to it : click on the icon to discover it ...


When I watched a painting or a landscape, I've realized that often I was attracted by one detail, one colour.

One colour gave the strength to the whole painting. It gave it all its power of attraction. The colour made exist all I had in front of my eyes.

From there, little by little, I've got rid my painting of all wasn't this colour. And the colour has invaded all the space of the frame, to keep only what was fascinated me. 

At the beginning, my Blue ones were widely inspired by the illuminated manuscripts of the Middle Age, and especially by the very beautiful work of the Limbourg brothers, as “The Très Riches Heures du Duc de Berry”. 

(More on my page “What I love”.)

With time, I've realized that my Blue serie is also very certainly and unconsciously inspired by the blue colour of the Shetland sea 

(North of Scotland), where I go regularly. For me my Blue ones seems as golden reflections of the sun on the deep blue sea in Shetland.

Pictures gallery - The "Blue" serie.

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